Your website has all it needs to succeed right? It has great content, great images, a good bio about the company, & it even has one of those slider things on the home page! All you need to do now is wait for the calls to start rolling in right? Well, not exactly. Having a great looking website is something every business needs but just like a wedding & marraige. Most people prepare for the wedding but not the marriage. A website is a consistent thing that will need to be updated & maintained just like a car. In this blog post, weve given you a break down as to why you should hire a web developement firm to handle your website!

Let’s get started.


We as a company pride ourselves in trying to provide the best service at a great rate. Our monthly maintenance ranges from $25 – $100 depending on the size of your site. All of our monthly maintenance packages come with these basic 10 things we do for you monthly on top of providing great service, monthly updates, email, support, & management.

  • Test Website Forms

  • Test Order Process

  • Back Ups

  • Security Check Ups

  • Test Speed of Website

  • Check Links

  • Update Software & Plugins

  • Check all pages are loading correctly

  • Check & Remove Spam

  • Check 404 Errors & Backlinks


We as a company believe that every year there should be different things you do to your website. Here is a list of 5 things you should be doing on a yearly basis to your website. Outside of management of php updates, template updates, plugin updates & so forth. These are 5 things you need to do every year to keep your site up to date & improved for the internet standards.

  • Analyze your website to see what could be improved

  • Update website content

  • Test your website on different browsers

  • Consider Whether You Need New Hosting

  • Audit Your Plugins

Feeling overwhelmed by this website maintenance checklist?

After looking at this website maintenance plan, you may feel overwhelmed with everything you need to do to maintain your site. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to maintaining your site, don’t worry! Swarm Branding & Design offers website maintenance services to make your life a breeze.

We have a team that can help you maintain your site and ensure that it’s delivering a positive user experience.

To learn more about our services please call us at 702-758-5591 or email

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