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Swarm Branding - A Las Vegas Web Design Agency

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Our Mission

How Did Swarm Branding & Design start & become a top Las Vegas Web Design Agency? Well you have to go pretty far back if you want to know that. It all started in an apartment complex on the east side of Las Vegas Nevada. Saratoga Palms was the name of the complex. Little did Jaques know, that this complex would be the stomping grounds for him to learn how to be who he wanted to be for the rest of his life. From skateboarding at a young age, to playing video games, all the way to doing graffiti. Rollerskating at the skating rink had a big influence on his life in his teenage years. It ended up getting him on The Ellen Show in 2005. He has always been a leader, innovator & presence in any room he walks into. Over 15+ years as a dance teacher across the world taught him how to handle business correctly, and build a name for himself. He still had no idea Web Design & Graphic Design would be the place he would end up.

Jaques Mafioso Vivar started Swarm Branding with a mission in mind. He wanted to build something for himself & his future family. In 2017 is when the idea originated but the brand you see today took 5 years to get. Specifically in 202o when the USA pandemic came into place hit he started investing in his future. He built products for himself, & seeing them succeed he thought, why not do this for other people? So started his work in Building websites, doing graphic design for people, and little by little he grew his portfolio to where he couldnt hold a job any longer. Turning bosses into clients, Jaques started on his journey to entrepreneurship. It wasnt easy but he made it happen. His family by his side the whole time nothing can stop him.

Now with clients all around the USA he manages alot of the small businesses that you see around town. Check out our portfolio here

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What Sets Us Apart?

Our team of web designers and digital marketing experts are dedicated to the successes of your business or businesses. Our knowledge, experience, and love for our job & industry make us like no other company in Las Vegas, even the USA we would say. We really do love design, & all aspects of it. We offer unique & original strategies that are tailored to your business for amazing consistency, brand recognition & long lasting success on the internet. No matter the budget or challenge our team will take it on.

We with no hesitation we put in the extra work & effort, we spend humungous amounts of time understanding your business, your goals, current and  possible customers. We also do research on your competition so that your business can outshine anyone in the ranks. We know how to speak your story to the masses and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way with our creative efforts. Our team of web developers will help you reach the heights of success at a great pace that your business can handle. Our latest tools and experience with online businesses, both of which we make sure we always bring to our clients businesses so that they have an impactful online presence from day one!

Your satisfaction is at the most important part of our job, we dont like the call what we offer services but experiences. We dont just tell you what to do we teach you how to do it. From personalized customer relations, and outstanding results. We are your full-service / great-experience digital and print partner and we’re ready to go the extra mile.

Swarm Branding - A Las Vegas Web Design Agency
Swarm Branding - A Las Vegas Web Design Agency

Our Clients

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